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Eric I. Miller, Miller, Waters, Martin and Hall

“Miller, Waters, Martin and Hall, Attorneys at Law, has been a tenant at 101 West Ohio Street for more than 30 years. During that period of time the administrative personnel have always conducted themselves in a professional and courteous manner. This level of quality assistance has been passed down to the support staff for the building as well.

Our level of satisfaction was reflected in the fact that we have now executed our 8th lease!

We would highly recommend any business or organization that is looking for a premier location in Indianapolis coupled with a quality and efficient staff to put 101 West Ohio Street at the top of your prospective locations. You will be very glad you did.  ”

Lou Gerig, Sease Gerig & Associates

“Sease Gerig and Associates has been in the 101 Building for over 20 years and continue to enjoy it very much. Renae Breitbach has been one of the best managers we have ever been associated with. She and her capable staff respond in a timely basis to any of our needs. They are very friendly and have several social events each year so the tenants can celebrate together. The building is very safe and clean and we have not had any problem with cleaning crews. Again, if we have a concern we just call Renae and her team and it is taken care of right away. We also like the building because of its proximity to good restaurants and the State Capitol. I even told two of our clients, one the largest university in the state and the other the largest utility in the state, about the building and they both now have offices in the building. So I would say 101 is one of the best places to be. You can’t go wrong being here.”

Randy D. Reichmann, Old National Bank

“We currently operate the first floor banking center at 101 W. Ohio Street. During our tenure we have found that the Amerimar management team responds in a timely, effective, and professional manner. Renae and her team have been most accommodating to us during our time here and we value the relationship.”

Norris Choplin & Schroeder, LLP

“We have been in this building since 1988 and our continued staying here reflects our evaluation of the services the building has been able to provide and the responsiveness of your office. The size of the floors within this building provide us with a perfect opportunity to be a full floor tenant, without having to rent an excessive amount of space. This building’s location and its attached parking garage have always made it an attractive option for our office. When I hear stories from other attorneys about how they are treated in their buildings, I appreciate more and more the open communications we have had with you over the years. As you are aware, we do not hesitate to let you know when we are concerned with an issue and we have always been able to resolve both the significant and insignificant issues. If my math serves me correctly, we are on our fourth amendment to our original lease of 1988. If we were anything short of very happy being here, we would not be entering our most recent extension. We also feel very secure both here in the building and in the parking garage. It is difficult to put a price or a value on that type of security. Finally, we have specifically appreciated the professionalism of you and your office. One example that comes to mind was when a participant in one of our mediations came to our building in a motorized scooter. You went above and beyond by attempting to help that gentleman find a restroom, even though ours at the time were all compliant with ADA regulations. Your remodeling of one of the restrooms to go above and beyond the ADA requirements to give an option to patrons utilizing the larger scooters with individualized handicaps and abilities reflects your effort to go the extra mile in meeting tenants’ needs.”


For leasing information, please fill out our contact form or contact Renae Breitbach at 317.684.3456 or rbreitbach@amerimar.com.


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Energy Star

Energy Star

101 West Ohio is Energy Star Certified.

Energy Star was introduced by the EPA in 1992 as a voluntary, market-based partnership to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through energy efficiency. The EPA’s national energy performance rating system provides a 1 - 100 scale that helps organizations assess how efficiently their buildings use energy relative to similar buildings nationwide. A building that scores a rating of 75 or higher is eligible for the ENERGY STAR designation.